Oct 24, 2008

What is happening inside your body, when you have COLD, Breast Cancer, Crohn's disease, Overweight, Asthma, etc?

Although they are different kinds of diseases and degrees of serious of the illness, the body just tries to tell you one thing -- there are toxins or impuirties inside you. The toxins causes the imbalance or stress to your immune system. It is so easy to see that you will free or prevent the recurrence of any disease until you will not feed your system with the"toxins" anymore. In addition, you must also get rid of the toxins remaining in your system.

Unfortunately, the western medicine just treats the symptom of disease but not the underline cause of symptom.

Ways to maintain your body free of toxins:
1. Stop the intake of "junk" food and substitute with "real food"
2. Detoxification
a. from skin.
b. from lung.
c. from colon.
d. internal organs
3. Fasting which allows the internal body to rest and heal itself.
4. Alkalize your blood or body fluid.

All the above steps will be addressed individually in the coming blog. Stay tune!!

Many of the "real" foods are undeniably effective in healing. In his book, Patient Heal Thyself, Dr. Jordan Rubin, descibed his journey from hopeless case of Crohn's disease to excellent health
by changing his way of "eating". Click the amazon icon and pick up one today.

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Eat Right and Be a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Person that God's Plan for you!

Information and statement made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor. Individual nutritional programs are designed to help the body to rebuild and heal itself.

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