Oct 10, 2008

My Personal Exercise Program

I use the combination of stretching, Qi Gong, and morning walking. I don't do the same routine everyday. I alternate the three parts on different days. Stretching helps your body to align in correct position and strengthen your muscles.

I encourage everyone to do the morning walk at least half an hour with 2 lb dumbbells to strengthen the upper body muscles everyday. If you don't have the dumbbells, you can use 1pt water bottles (filled with water) instead.

Walking can make the colon to produce the mucus which helps the waste excrete out of the body easlier. You will not feel good if the waste matter staying inside too long. The toxin will go back to blood stream. For your health, you really don't want this happen to you.

If you like to go to GYM, that is OK. The major point is that you need to shop around. Find the one you feel the most comfortable with regarding to affordability, friendiness, qualification of trainers, etc. Don't hesitate to ask for free trial peroid - important to find out that it is really what you want.

I was the manager of Curves for one and half years at Benicia, CA before I relocated to AZ. I can give you my honest opinion about Curves. I feel the Curves program is good for people of any age (even for kids of above 10 years old with 5' tall or above) because the exercises are gentle types . They are particular good for the people with weak and fragile bodies or people who just recovering from illness. Check it out yourself. (Please note: I am not an associate or affiliate with Curves).

Until next time. Eat right and Be Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy Person that God's plan for you!

Call Stella at 480.619.1221 or email her to chiustellahk@yahoo.com for half an hour FREE consultation.

Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor. Individual nutritional programs are designed to help the body to rebuild and heal itself.

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