Oct 14, 2008

Knowledge is power --- for thy health

Knowledge is a powerful tool for managing and healing our health.
We can't keep ourself in dark.

If you have knowledge:

You know western medicine is not the only way to treat the illnesses or diseases.

It is not a "Dead Sentence" for you when you just have 4 months to live from doctor's report.
Your odd to beat that can be very high if you will change your life style, eat fresh food, seek other treatment method, and keep positive attitude.

You will not believe (but you open to) any information from others, books, public, and even the infromation from my blog until you have done your own research.

You will not still use non-stick cooking pans to fix the meals for your family.

You will not buy color added salmons from grocery stores.

You will not consume any vegetables and fruits until all the pesticides are removed from them.

You will not use plastic bottles, containers, and microwave ovens just for convenience.

How can you get knowledge? It is very Simple - by reading (books or internet), desire to learn, and make yourself available to new information. Click and Browse around the Amazon icon on this blog to find some good books to read. I love this site because it offers discounts to many books and free shipment if the purchase is more than $ 25.00.

By the way, reading is one of the good ways to destress.

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Eat Right and Be a Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy Person that God's plan for you!

Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor. Individual nutritional programs are designed to help the body to rebuild and heal itself.

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